I love to travel: see new things, meet new people, experience different cultures. Learn. I definitely have a travel bug. This blog will be dedicated to my travels, my planning and my thoughts on the places that inspire me to become a better citizen of this planet.

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Travelling opens the mind while enriching your life in the process. To travel is to become enriched.

The term ‘travel bug’ is not currently in the dictionary, but if it were I would define it as follows:


Travel bug (Pronunciation: /ˈtrav(ə)l/ /bʌɡ/) NOUN An affliction with no known cure whereby the recipient is thinking about travelling in one way or another, either by planning the next trip, reminiscing about a previous trip or actually travelling.


What does travel mean to you? For me, it is all about discovering new places and cultures with my camera in hand, while having a great time and absorbing great experiences! The other thing is that I enjoy a great variety of travel styles, from overland tours,  cruising, short weekend city-breaks, camping, and the relaxing do-nothing-but-read beach holidays. The important thing is getting away and switching off from the daily routines.


I want to share my experiences with you to inspire you and so that you can come up with the best trips and excursions be it a 3-day city break, or making the most of that day stop when on a cruise.


My travel philosophy in four words: 

Planning. Experience. Share. Repeat.

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